Soil issues are the primary cause of settled foundation shifting, leaking and eventually sinking in homes and buildings. You can recognize this shifting when you see bricks and walls cracking as well as issues with the alignment of doors and windows.

Steel piering is a solution that provides consistent and reliable solution to this settling.

Like additional legs on a table, structural steel piers connect your foundation to a stable surface such as bedrock in order to save and stabilize the sinking foundations to your home or building.

We begin by going to your building and performing a soil test to determine the depth and width of each pier needed to be installed on the site.

After the site inspection, our team will expose the foundations and prepare the footing to receive the steel bracket and anchors to cradle the foundation, then attach a drive stand and drive pier sections into the ground until we reach a stable surface such as bedrock. When the structure is set up, we begin to lift and then stabilize the foundation.

The restoration is complete, once the pier is installed and we have stabilized the lifted foundations and reinforced the structure by filling the holes and cracks with concrete.

The surrounding area is then ready for landscaping.

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