Overlay Stamp

Applying a stamped overlay to lackluster concrete areas will add new life to your indoor and outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks and floors.

Our professional installers can refresh the look of interior and exterior surfaces as well as walls and other vertical concrete so you can get the most beautiful colors and patterns without the cost of installing brick, natural stones, slate, wood, tiles and other materials or having to replace your existing concrete.

When applied correctly, stamped overlays are also durable and extremely easy to maintain, and we can customize the area with the pattern and color of your choice.

We begin to prepare the existing surface with a thorough cleaning and repairs. After all the cracks are sealed, the existing concrete surface is profiled in order to roughen the surface and allow the overlay to stick to the existing concrete.

Using our perfectly blended cement mixture, we resurface the existing concrete with a stamp-able concrete overlay.

Once the concrete is ready, we apply the patterns by imprinting on the slab with the pattern of your choice.

We then apply the color of your choice to give the surface a nice even depth and a beautiful relaxing look.

Our team then painstakingly cleans up the edges to make sure everything is perfect and you are satisfied with the end result.

Epoxy Injections

Concrete walls, columns, piers, and slabs can eventually become susceptible to cracking and if left unchecked, can cause significant damage over time.

When done professionally by a trained technician, Epoxy injections are an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution used to repair cracks in foundations, structural repairs and to fix basement leaks.

Epoxy injections seal the crack permanently making epoxy the ultimate concrete crack repair.

In fact, the bond strength of epoxy exceeds the strength of the concrete itself and Civil engineers commonly recommend epoxy crack injection for the structural repair of cracked concrete large public structures such as highway overpasses and overhead concrete structures.

The best part is that epoxy is effective in repairing concrete and cracks that are exposed to a wet environment making it a good waterproofing solution for basements and pools.

We begin by sending our experts to assess the damage to your structure.  After a comprehensive assessment, we will provide you with the scope of the repair.  We will then begin preparing the cracks to the Epoxy injection.  Extreme caution is applied to injecting the Epoxy solution in order to restore the cracked surface.

Contact us to learn if your concrete would benefit from an epoxy injection.

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