Why Mudjacking saves you money in the future:

We come to your house or business and assess the problems with your concrete. Whether it has sunk, settled, cracked or is just uneven, we always have a solution to your problem. Why not get a free estimate? To tear out and replace is always 3 to 4 times as expensive as mudjacking. This is why most people go with mudjacking for a reasonable, cost efficient way to save the life of your concrete.

The Process of Mudjacking:

We bring in a machine with a hydraulic pump that injects our material throughout the voids under the concrete. Once the material has spread out, the hydraulic machine uses its pressure to raise your concrete to get it closest to the original state as possible, not only leveling out your concrete, but also stabilizing your concrete. We drill 1.5” holes through the concrete, guaranteeing that the materials fill the entire voided area. After the job, we will fill the holes with a sandstone topping to blend them into the concrete.

Mudjacking is also called slab jacking, concrete lifting and slab leveling and when professionally done, is an affordable means to repair issues with concrete on porches, decks, patios, walkways, basement, garage floors and driveways.

Mudjacking can be done under any weather condition and is faster and more affordable than traditional repair methods because most mudjacking projects can be completed in a short timeframe. An added benefit of mudjacking is that there is no concrete to be replaced or disposed of, making it safer for the environment.

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